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Behavioral health is a term that is often used interchangeably with mental health, although there are some slight differences. Whereas mental health refers to the health of the brain, behavioral health refers to the impact of habits – whether healthy or unhealthy – on the brain. As an example, people who are depressed have a mental health condition, whereas people who feel depressed because they are unable to stop gambling have a behavioral health condition that is negatively influencing their mental health.

Here at Sovereign Health, we recognize that adolescents are particularly vulnerable to behavioral health conditions including social media addiction, gaming addiction, gambling addiction, self-harm and anger management problems. For this reason, our adolescent treatment facility in Rancho San Diego has a behavioral health program that is specifically geared toward helping teenagers with behavioral health issues. Sovereign’s treatment makes use of innovative, evidence-based techniques designed to improve cognitive skills, provide rehabilitation, and create a long-term support system and plan. We work with the patient’s family, former doctors and therapists to provide the most effective treatment possible.

Behavioral health treatment for adolescents is available exclusively at our San Diego, California, location.

About Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego

Sovereign Health’s Rancho San Diego location is nestled between two beautiful mountain ranges. This location boasts of sunny, warm weather all year-round, making it the perfect place to get away from the stresses of everyday life. We offer numerous treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), play therapy, stress reduction classes, anger management, neurofeedback and group therapy.

Our adolescent patients benefit from evidence-based, cutting-edge treatment programs in a summer camp environment complete with a swimming pool, baseball field, and basketball and volleyball courts. Weekly activities include movies, bowling, go-karts and visits to the beach. An onsite nutritional chef prepares three healthy meals, and patients can make food requests based upon their dietary needs. Designated snack times are included, and no caffeine is served.

Patients at our Rancho San Diego facility also receive access to EDGE, an academic program designed to help teens stay on track with their schoolwork, prepare for the GED and learn skills for independent living.

Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego focuses on adolescents from ages 12 to 17. For more information about behavioral health, teen treatment and Sovereign locations, contact our 24/7 helpline.

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