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Sovereign Health is proud to partner with other organizations that are also dedicated to the prevention and treatment of mental illness. On the local, state and national levels, these collaborations help improve the lives of people, families and communities affected by mental illnesses, addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Sovereign Health’s friends and partners

Advocacy National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1979 to provide support, education and advocacy to the millions of Americans affected by mental illnesses. NAMI advocates for people with severe mental illness and organizes peer support groups. NAMI also leads public awareness events and activities aimed to encourage understanding of mental illness and reduce stigma.


Advocacy The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) develops practice guidelines for organizations that provide residential, therapeutic and educational services to the public. Created in 1999, NATSAP functions as a resource for programs and professionals who assist young people with behavioral difficulties. NATSAP sets and oversees standards for therapeutic and behavioral health care. This oversight helps ensure that therapeutic schools, residential treatment programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, wilderness therapy programs and home-based residential programs are helping students and residents receive the care they need to achieve their highest potential.


Advocacy The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids works to help families with children and teens who are using drugs or alcohol. This organization provides information, support and guidance so that families can get help for their loved ones. The partnership also advocates for better understanding and evidence-based treatment programs for addiction.


Advocacy Psychology Today is a monthly magazine and online journal that features articles on mental health, behavioral science, health maintenance and social issues. The authors who contribute bring perspectives from many different disciplines, including psychiatry, medicine, law, intelligence operations and academia. An interactive website allows readers to search for self-assessment quizzes and search for articles by topic.

Advocacy The Addict’s Mom (TAM) is a nonjudgmental forum for mothers with children who use alcohol or drugs. This forum allows visitors to “share without shame.” TAM educates the public, advocates for understanding and sponsors events to raise public awareness about addiction and to eliminate stigma. The organization also acts as a liaison among those affected by addiction, health care professionals and policymakers to make positive changes in drug policy.

Advocacy news

Sovereign Health stays up to date on current events, topics and news related to mental health, addiction and recovery. To learn more about Sovereign Health’s national advocacy efforts, please see the following links:

Sovereign Health of California has facilities in San Clemente, Los Angeles, Palm Desert and Rancho San Diego, where we strengthen recovery communities at the local level through education, advocacy and outreach.

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Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego is a leader in the treatment of adolescent mental disorders, substance abuse and co-occurring conditions. We provide various levels of care from residential treatment to outpatient programs that use many types of evidence-based therapeutic modalities. We provide family-centered care through weekly therapy sessions and an intensive family program. We accept most major insurance plans and have financing options available. For more information about Sovereign Health’s advocacy efforts, or to learn more about any of our specialized programs, please call our 24/7 helpline.

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