Spice K2

Spice, also known as “K2” and many other names, is a stronger and riskier synthetic version of marijuana. It is usually obtained online, in gas stations or smoke shops under the label of herbal smoking blends, incense or potpourri.

The drug content is a highly potent liquid that is often sprayed onto plant matter to simulate real marijuana, but causes a high that is many times more intense. Due to its increased strength and inconsistent manufacturing, the drug is a lethal risk and holds a very strong potential for abuse and addiction.

Abusing Spice/K2

Many marijuana users are drawn into K2 abuse because:

  • It’s cheaper
  • Longer lasting
  • It doesn’t show up on standard drug tests, making it more salient to parolees, soldiers or athletes who are regularly tested
  • Similar elevated mood and relaxation effects as marijuana

The unpredictable dangers associated with the synthetic marijuana compounds led the Drug Enforcement Agency to brand it a “designer drug,” placing its active ingredients on the controlled substances list in recent years.

Symptoms of Spice/K2 Abuse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, symptoms of K2 abuse include:

  • Accelerated breathing
  • Altered perception of time and space
  • Catatonia
  • Drowsiness
  • Elevated heartbeat and blood pressure
  • Emotional detachment
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • Hallucinations
  • Impaired judgment
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Profound anxiety and paranoia
  • Profuse sweating
  • Psychosis
  • Red eyes
  • Reduced motivation
  • Short-term memory loss

Side Effects of K2/Spice

A staggering number of emergency room calls alone speak volumes about the true dangers and toxicity of the drug. Health dangers include:

  • Acute kidney failure
  • Toxic Hepatitis
  • Reduced blood flow to the heart
  • Seizures
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Violent behavior
  • Heart attack

Because of the extreme potency of the spice synthetic compounds, including the various fillers they are adulterated with, the risks of spice abuse are exponentially greater than those posed by marijuana alone.

Spice/K2 Inside the Body

Due to its relative newness and lack of federal funding for research, much is still unknown about the Spice/K2 methods in which spice interacts with the brain.

What we do know is that synthetic marijuana binds as much as 1,000 times more powerfully to brain receptors. The drug’s metabolites linger longer than cannabis, making all effects durate.

Naturally-grown cannabis contains cannabidiol. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Sao Paulo and Kings College, London, determined that cannabidiol interrupts the psychotic-like symptoms marijuana can sometimes produce; synthetic marijuana lacks this protective agent.

Spice/K2 Addiction Treatment

Since much of the effects of synthetic marijuana are to the brain, treatment must include cognitive restoration for adolescents as well as physical rehabilitation.

Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego provides:

  • A biopsychosocial assessment
  • Varying levels of care
  • Cognitive modalities
  • Alternative therapies
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Why Choose Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego?

At Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego, our team of highly trained professionals frequently works with cases involving synthetic marijuana abuse, staying on the cutting edge of research regarding the risks and effects of such new designer drugs. In addition to individual and group therapy, we also offer alternative therapies such as yoga and equine therapies.

We are accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed to treat mental health, with separate tracks for substance abuse and co-occurring conditions. Sovereign Health also has adult facilities nationwide with varying specializations.

What sets us apart is the belief that blanket, catch-all treatments will spur relapse. For wellness to be lasting, treatment must be individualized.

Tailored recovery plans along with progressive treatment modalities, enfolded in a safe and comfortable ambience that promotes full and lasting rehabilitation.

By treating dangerously effective new drugs with evidence-based treatments, Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego offers patients a chance to achieve a lasting recovery through our commitment to A Better Way to a Better Life.

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