Teen Drug Abuse

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Addiction to various substances, including drugs and alcohol, can develop at any age. Teens usually develop drug dependence or addiction under peer pressure or due to family history. However, there can be various more reasons for the same, including the following:

  • To feel good, i.e. “high” and “euphoric”
  • Live in the false belief of being a grown up or to be accepted by those who do
  • Experiment and seek new experiences
  • Seek temporary relief from stress

What may look like a harmless activity in the beginning can soon become a serious problem in the form of teen drug abuse and in certain cases, can even be fatal. At greater risk, are teens with self-esteem, emotional or mental health problems; ones who do not feel connected to or valued by their parents, and those whose family members have alcohol and drug problems.

Though illegal drug abuse may seem like the biggest threat to teenage users, it is not so in reality. Several reports have found that teens abuse both legal and illegal substances. When left unchecked or ignored for a long time, effects of alcohol and drugs on the teenage brain may be long-term, creating problems with memory and learning, and making them susceptible to suffer from various mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Additionally, addictive substances like drugs can increase the risk of disease, injury and suicide.

Given the amount of impact that drug addiction can have on teens, it becomes imperative to seek drug addiction treatment at the soonest possible. Adolescents and teens have different treatment needs and might not seek treatment on their own. Therefore, drug treatment for teens involves a combination of evidence-based therapies and traditional therapies for treating their addiction.

Drug abuse among teens: noticing the warning signs

Teenage years are often a confusing and challenging time when teens run the risk of getting trapped in the destructive patterns of drug and alcohol use. If an adolescent starts behaving differently for no particular reason, it could be a sign that he/she is developing a drug- or alcohol-related problem.

Following are some of the common signs of teen drug abuse:

  • health complications, such as unusual tiredness, bloodshot eyes, and frequent hunger pangs
  • loss of interest in academics, drop in grades, and routine skipping of classes
  • unusual behavior, such as avoiding eye contact, secretive behavior, and loss of interest in activities
  • diminished personal appearance, poor hygiene and smell of smoke on clothes or breath

Teens with a family history of drug or alcohol abuse and those not connected or valued by their friends or family are also at a greater risk of developing substance addiction.

Drug abuse among teens: consequences

When drug use takes the form of an addiction, there is a high probability of teens getting isolated from their friends, losing motivation, suffering academically, showing unpredictable mood swings, developing other health issues, and having strained relationships with family members. Substance abuse can force teens to change their behavior. They can start avoiding activities that they once enjoyed.

Though treatment at a teen drug rehab can interfere with academic, personal and possibly, athletic milestones expected during teen years, one needs to remember that treatment works. Addiction is treatable and the first important step toward treatment is accepting the problem and asking for help from professionals. However, early intervention is critical to help young people stop abusing drugs and lead productive lives.

Drug rehab for teens

Seeking help for a child or teen with a possible drug problem demands a lot of courage and hard work from both the parent and the child. It may take time and patience, but teenage drug abuse treatment at a certified facility can help teens in proper recovery from addiction. Parents or relatives of a teen with drug abuse problem can start by bringing the teen to a doctor for a screening of drug use and other related health conditions. They can also contact an addiction treatment specialist directly.

Treatment for teen substance abuse must address his or her emotional, physical, social, family, and peer environment. Basis the patient’s needs and medical history, a comprehensive treatment for teen substance abuse can consist of medically supervised detoxification treatment followed by intense behavioral therapies, family-based therapies, and recovery support services. While a supervised detox program helps get rid of toxic substances in the body, behavioral therapies help find out any underlying cause of substance abuse and help individuals identify trigger conditions.

Why choose Sovereign Health

The Rancho San Diego facility of Sovereign Health, licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services and the Joint Commission, offers drug treatment for teens aged 12 to 17 years. While undergoing drug addiction treatment at Rancho San Diego’s teen drug rehab facility, patients spend the majority of their time picking up learning skills and techniques to overcome problems related to substance abuse and addiction. Such steps help them cope with adverse situations after treatment and avoid any relapse.

Dedicated to helping our young patients overcome problems related to the misuse and abuse of alcohol and drugs, Sovereign Health’s teen drug rehab centers provide evidence-based treatments along with complementary and experiential treatments and activities. For more information on drug rehab for teens, call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with our representatives to know about teenage drug abuse treatment offered at our Rancho San Diego facility.

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