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05-04 Self-Discovery Month: Self-awareness helps teens fight addiction and mental problems

Self-Discovery Month: Self-awareness helps teens fight addiction and mental problems

The journey of self-discovery is vital in every teenager’s life and marks the gradual transition from adolescence to adulthood. This phase can help others understand what goes on in a teenager’s mind. The fact that most teens are advised to ignore their feelings may only result in an increasing sense of frustration coupled with anxiousness for not being able to share or find a viable solution for their pent-up distress. This also results in most teenagers not being able to approach their loved ones or access expert advice to discuss their problems.

Knowing oneself is important

Every year “Self-discovery Month” is observed in May to stress the importance of self-awareness that is all about knowing oneself in and out. Self-discovery is more than what one can do or achieve. It is about realizing the power within. Most teenagers today have no idea about their underlying strengths or weaknesses or factors that can make or break them. Being self-aware has a lot to do with understanding one’s emotions and the way they can be harnessed to achieve the desired goal.

Depression is a rising problem among teenagers states a study, titled “National Trends in the Prevalence and Treatment of Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults.” The authors of the research, published in the journal Pediatrics in November 2016, said that the number of adolescents suffering from a major depressive disorder in the last one year had jumped from 8.7 percent in 2005 to 11.5 percent in 2014. Teenagers affected with major depressive disorder exhibit signs like low self-esteem, lack of interest in normally enjoyable activities and difficulty in concentrating. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), roughly 21.4 percent American population, aged 13-18 years, is suffering from some kind of mental illness.

While self-discovery involves a series of thought processes, it is necessary that teenagers do not hide their emotions and pretend everything to be just fine. Suppressing mental conditions, including depression, may result in teenagers abusing various substances, including opioids that can lead to a string of substance misuse experiences.

Teens and young adults should believe in themselves and not pay heed to the stigma associated with mental problems and addiction. They should discover their inner strength to opt for the necessary intervention.

Self-discovery to recovery

Initiating a conversation with loved ones is the first step to recovery. It is necessary for teenagers to understand that going through a bad phase is normal and they must not feel ashamed to share details of the emotional upheaval they may be going through. Most teenagers have reported that they feel better after a discussion with their family members about certain matters that make them feel stressed.

Teenagers may not necessarily find the kind of response they are looking for but that must not discourage them from seeking expert advice. The journey to self-discovery is fraught with challenges. But they need to realize that treatment for mental problems is available and things can take a positive turn if the problem is treated timely. If not taken seriously, symptoms can exacerbate and mental illnesses can become complex. In such a situation, treatment usually becomes difficult and patients undergo a tough time.

Clinicians at the Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego make use of innovative measures to treat teenage mood disorders. Depressed adolescents are encouraged to share their problems so that the psychologists involved can prescribe the right combination of medication and therapies for teen mood disorder treatment. Call our 24/7 helpline or chat online for expert advice.

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