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03-18 Indiana Senate nod for bill on mental health education

Indiana Senate nod for bill on mental health education

In an attempt to spread awareness about mental health problems and reduce the stigma associated with it, various agencies in the United States are working hard to educate and inform people about possible mental disorders and the necessity to share details about the problems with the loved ones.

Understanding the need to include mental health awareness in the Indiana health education curricula and to initiate a mental health wellness education program, the state Senate approved Bill 435 in February 2017.

State Senator Frank Mrvan, representing the Indiana State Senate District in the Indiana General Assembly, had authored the proposal.The recommendation aims at making students equally aware of mental health and wellness at school level similar to their knowledge about physical health. The proposal won by 26-23 votes and will be considered by the House.

Educate to remove stigma on mental illnesses

TheBill 435 requires educational institutions to teach in a way that can erode stigma surrounding mental health problems. Students under this program will become aware of the reasons, preventive measures, control methods and treatment options for mental illnesseslike anxiety, hyperactive behavior, eating disorders, self-harming tendencies, depressive disorder and schizophrenia.

According to the reports, Indiana ranks first in thenation for the number of teenage suicides. It also ranks second in the number of teen suicide attempts in the U.S. Looking at the dismal numbers, Mrvansaid, “This bill attempts to educate Hoosier teens about mental health in order to hopefully lower this troubling statistic.” The contents of the Bill also allow school corporations to make provision for examining students for psychological disorders after receiving an approval from parents or guardians.

Mental health treatment is a necessity

Stressing on the need for the state to act in this regard, Mrvan added that there was a clear need for law enforcement agencies to step up efforts in mental health education and treatment, considering that not many mental health treatment facilities are available in the state. Indiana ranks 37 among all the American states regarding accessibility of mental health treatment options for people seeking relief from their emotional disorders. Mrvan said, “The ability of our schools to teach this curriculum and better identify signs of mental health illness is the first step to improve on this.”

The Bill does not specifically mention about who would test the mental health of students in their schools nor does it discuss the nature of screening tools that would be put into use and how details obtained would be used for the advancement of treatment options. The proposalis in its infancybut it sets the stage for setting up innovative and evidence-based psychiatric treatment provisions.

Getting American teenagers the necessary help

An estimated one in five adolescents complains of constant distress and fatigue that are common symptoms of mental illnesses. The fact that disturbed teenagers tend to turn their focus on using addictive substances like drugs and alcohol for self-medication only emphasizes the need to get the necessary help. Not all psychological problems can be diagnosed,in some cases, the symptoms are so mild that one considers them to be a part of normal teenage behavior. But one should be vigilant and not ignore tell-tale signs otherwise,things can get out of hand.

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