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02-08 Beat the Parents – 5 things your teen knows that you don’t

Beat the Parents – 5 things your teen knows that you don't

Beat the Parents is a board game challenging one’s knowledge of the opposite generation through funny trivia. Parents are asked various questions the average kid could answer and adults may have forgotten. Kids are quizzed on facts they probably haven’t thought about yet. It’s entertaining because it’s a true: there are plenty of modern truths young people could school their parents about.


This term of endearment stands for “before anyone else.” Although it seems teens have no loyalty at times and don’t understand the adage of blood being thicker than water, their priorities when it comes to relationships might be more accurate than adults think.

Research has revealed people actually have genetic commonalities with the people chosen as friends. Although the mechanism for such selection is unquantifiable scientifically, it would appear instincts lead friends to bond with those mirrored functional kinship and complimentary immunities. These similar genes – equal to those of fourth cousins – seem to be evolving more rapidly than other genes.

The point of Snapchat

“It seems odd that at the beginning of the Internet everyone decided everything should stick around forever … I think our application makes communication a lot more human and natural,” said Evan Spiegal, co-founder of the widely popular photo-sharing app.

Despite fears of adolescents sexting and taking nude photos, teens see the app as a natural way to capture stream of consciousness and fleeting moods.

Ishan, a 15-year-old from Australia hones in on some deep insights regarding why teens love Snapchat. Among them, he highlights Snapchat offers freedom from social pressure and ephemerality, which is arguably the essence of the privilege of human thought.

As far as mental health is concerned, Jim Taylor, Ph.D., says social media presence increases virtual empathy, encourages connectedness and facilitates expression for youth with social anxieties.


“You only live once.” Most people equate that acronym with living on the edge. But when teens are being thrown into the race of the college-bound quest, parents would do well to remember they only have one chance at this life, and self-care may be the greatest vehicle to living it.

Teens’ schedules are replete with sports, activities and obligations piled atop daunting homework. According to an article listing things teens wish their parents knew, self-care stands out as particularly important.

Teens don’t care about your wine stash

Emerging data is unanimous: teen abuse prescription drugs more than alcohol these days, and experimentation is at a younger age than expected.

Joseph Califano, chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, says teens shop for prescription drugs in their parents’ medicine cabinet or buy from other students, who often take drugs from their parents’ medicine cabinets. Califano urges parents to lock your meds up.


This term stands for a rather crass description of someone’s neutral expression looking mean. It turns out that RBF has some scientific backing. Whether it’s a young person’s natural expression or a deliberate facade, teens are still impressionable. Teens in one Canadian study reported:

  • They do want their parents to be proud of them
  • Teens hate when their parents fight – it still affects them
  • Teenagers care what their parent’s think

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Written by Sovereign Health Group writer Kristin Currin

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