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07-14 DEA unveils website to tackle menace of college drug abuse

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DEA unveils website to tackle menace of college drug abuse

Rising cases of drug abuse among teenagers and college students have made the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to launch a new website aimed at addressing the crisis. The website – – that was unveiled on July 12, 2017, is the federal agency’s latest attempt in providing assistance to drug abuse prevention programs organized on college campuses and in neighboring communities.

The information provided on the website aims to bring together all stakeholders, including educationists and health centers, involved in such programs intercepting illicit substance abuse by college students. The website underpins the idea of informing parents and their wards studying in colleges, along with those actively participating in college communities, about the various ills of drug abuse.

Elaborating the significance of the website, DEA acting administrator Chuck Rosenberg said, “We must talk to folks about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse, and base those conversations on facts and science. With this website, we put valuable information in the hands of higher education leaders who can use it to enlighten, teach and change the culture.”

What is special about the website? gives information about the latest publications related to campus drug abuse, kinds of drugs and the nature of federal penalties attached to them, articles providing differing views on drugs across the U.S., among others. Besides, the portal also provides contact details of state and local DEA offices across the nation.

A tab titled “Help a Friend” has been included in a bid to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of living with a drug problem, resources available on campus and in the local community and how to act in emergency situations if a loved one has lost consciousness after having taken drugs.

The website also shares information about drugs and associated equipment in a separate tab titled “Drugs & Paraphernalia.” Data published on the page includes all kinds of information related to drugs, such as their visual aspects, consumption patterns, impact on the body and many more. Details of all kinds of substances like marijuana, depressants, designer drugs, hallucinogens, inhalants, prescription opioids, steroids and stimulants have been made available for those who wish to read and understand how the serious problem of addiction has eroded millions of lives in the U.S.

In another tab titled “Upcoming Events,” lists of conferences, nation-based and statewide, focusing on intercepting drug abuse among college students have been entered. One may also find updated news highlighting the efforts of various communities in combating drug abuse on the website’s home page.

Leading a drug-free life

Today’s teenagers have more access to information about the various drugs and ways to get them. An increasing number of cases of adolescents misusing addictive substances has become a nationwide concern. The failure to seek timely treatment makes it difficult to get complete recovery from the pain and misery caused by addiction. It is necessary that the affected be admitted to drug rehab centers for teens to prevent worsening of their physical and mental state.

While strict laws and regulations are already in place to curb any new instances of drug abuse, much needs to be done to educate teenagers and their guardians about the existing problem and ways to tackle it. Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego provides comprehensive and holistic treatment for teens suffering from addiction-related problems. If you come across instances of any kind of teen drug abuse in your family, call our 24/7 helpline number or chat with our online representatives for expert advice.

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