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10-23 Millennials choosing careers in health care for their own health

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Millennials choosing careers in health care for their own health

As time goes on, the job market of the United States has proven to be a constantly transforming entity. With advancing technology and expanding industries, new professions and demands are integrated into the marketplace. Despite this progression, research shows that the latest generation of emerging adults, also known as millennials, is seeking careers in health care.

Current statistics

One of the most comprehensive measurements of millennial career preferences is the annual Millennial Career Survey conducted by Hanover Research and the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). Key findings from the nationwide observation included:

  • A majority of 40 percent preferred a career in medicine or health care, almost double than other industries like technology and art. Specifically desirable organizations consisted of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Health Care Service Corp. and local hospitals.
  • The primary factors participants cited when choosing an employer were fair employee treatment, flexible work schedules, opportunities to gain new skills and allowing for a work/life balance.
  • In terms of inclusionary benefits, participants strongly desired to “help an organization generate new ideas and creative solutions.”

With the pertinent information collected from this methodology, important generational trends about the emerging workforce are better defined. Also, the increased insight can help employers develop productive and sustainable strategies for modern and future workforces.

Expert opinions

In addition to raw research, a number of business experts have weighed in on these occupational preferences.

In a Forbes editorial piece by Barry Salzberg, the global chief executive officer at Deloitte, provided an explanation as to why a growing proportion of future adults are choosing personally rewarding, yet extremely stressful positions within the health care field. He said, “In their insistence on social principle, many millennials are not driven by money or success in quite the way their parents were. This generation wants to know what your organization stands for in improving society, what it stands for in action, as opposed to blowing smoke.”

Furthermore, Jared Hecht, CEO of Fundera and co-founder of GroupMe, broke down his main reasons for the youthful interest in health care. As a millennial himself, he stated how he and his peers are consistently working around the difficulty to land more traditional jobs, utilizing their familiarity with technology, fighting for increased flexibility and simply following their dreams.

Regardless of what career path a teen chooses, it is more important that he or she is happy and healthy. If job-related, financial or other types of economic stress are weighing down on you or your teen, Sovereign Health Rancho San Diego is a specialized facility that provides comprehensive care to adolescents who are struggling with mental health or related substance abuse issues. Call to speak with a professional today.

Written by Lee Yates, Sovereign Health Group writer

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