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An essential requirement for recovery from a mental illness or substance use disorder is the help of a support system at home. The family is a vital piece of the addiction treatment puzzle, and familial support is often critical for the recovery of the person struggling with an addiction. In fact, the support is crucial even for the period after the treatment.

A leader in treating mental health, substance abuse and eating disorders, Sovereign Health offers specialized drug and alcohol rehab programs for teens aged 12-17 years. Our adolescent treatment program incorporates evidence-based interventions and an integrated approach to help adolescents live a life free of any addiction. At Sovereign Health, we understand that effects of addiction extend beyond the affected person; it strains relationships with friends and family members. Our programs also benefit families in rekindling the lost connections by helping them come to terms with reality.

Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego involves families from the beginning till the end of the treatment. There are many ways to help families stay involved with their teen’s treatment program. One major way is through our family program, which highlights the important ways for maintaining recovery after treatment.

Admission and intake process

At Sovereign Health, we do everything to help your loved one get the best treatment that he/she needs to overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. During our pre-admissions assessment over the phone, all our patients are asked to provide a full history of their background, symptoms and behavior. In the next step, they undergo a biopsychosocial assessment. Additionally, every patient receives a full medical checkup that helps clinicians determine any pre-existing conditions that may complicate the treatment outcomes. An essential part of the treatment process is pre-admissions assessment that helps the team at Sovereign Health create the best plan for the patient on the basis of his/her need and condition.

The assessment process is followed by the admission process that includes completing paperwork, compiling insurance information, and reviewing house rules, procedures and the daily regimen of treatment with the client and his/her family.

Finally, it is the intake process. The treatment staff design the patients’ treatment plan and answer all the remaining queries, if any. It is time to allow the loved ones start the journey of recovery through the rehabilitation process.

Treatment process

Depending upon the intensity and duration of substance use, our expert team provides a range of individualized, evidence-based treatment modalities, including medically assisted detoxification treatment followed by behavioral therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and psychodynamic therapy, experiential therapies like yoga, meditation, and expressive arts therapy, along with skill building groups to deal with anger and stress, manage the symptoms and cope with addiction.

While the carefully supervised detox program cleanses the body of the toxic substances and reduces painful withdrawal symptoms, regular counseling sessions and therapies help identify any hidden medical or mental illness that may be the cause of substance abuse. Our experiential treatments equip the patients with useful life skills to help them identify triggers, and become healthy and strong.

Family influence on addiction

Improper handling of teens with a behavioral health disorder increases their risk of a relapse and can adversely affect parents and siblings as well. Frustration and exhaustion from an inability to properly deal with the issue can lead family members to develop mental health or substance abuse issues of their own, adding even more unhealthy behavior into the cycle of addiction. Our family therapy programs teach families how to interact in more positive and beneficial ways, manage their behavior and strengthen relationships.

We believe that mental health disorders and substance abuse problems can be dealt with effectively only when the family is in a mutually safe and supportive environment. Sovereign Health provides different levels of care and comfort to our patients for holistic recovery. We have successfully maintained this over the years with the assistance of everyone involved in administering behavioral health care programs. In addition to providing a comprehensive treatment to our young patients in a private and serene setting, Rancho San Diego’s well-trained and qualified staff provide 24-hour supervision and crisis intervention to ensure safety at all times.

Family Welcome Packet

A helpful and handy resource for families, Sovereign Health’s Family Welcome Packet provides valuable information on our adolescent program. It outlines the treatment process from the time of admission all the way to the discharge. The Packet has been created specifically with the purpose of informing and helping family members about the treatment process for their teens. We do this to help relieve the stress and worry that families normally go through while their loved one is away from them seeking treatment in a different environment.

The Family Welcome Packet provides details of the admissions process, rules, visitation policy and additional resources. This packet is meant to provide families with all the information they need.

The contents of the Family Welcome Packet include:

Comprehensive treatment for complete recovery

At Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego, each patient is first provided with an outline of the program. In order to provide the most holistic treatment possible, we welcome any pertinent information regarding the patient’s underlying conditions from the referent. We encourage patients to sign a consent form that allows us to keep their original health care provider updated. If referents elect this option and the patient agrees, the former will be contacted by a referent management coordinator within 72 hours regarding the amount and frequency of updates they would like to receive.

We accept most major health insurance plans and work with insurance providers to set up the best possible financial plan for each patient. For more information, call our 24/7 helpline any time to speak to our admissions team. You can even chat online with our representatives for further assistance.

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