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Sovereign Health offers behavioral health care to individuals with diverse backgrounds and demographics. Based in Rancho San Diego, California, our adolescent program treats teenagers for mental illness, addiction and co-occurring disorders. For youths from ages 12 to 17, we administer individualized treatment that fosters wellness well into adulthood. We also accept professional referrals for clinicians seeking a solution for their patients.

The Referral Process

When we receive a referral from another treatment professional, our primary goal is to streamline the process for the patients involved and ensure that their needs are considered first and foremost. We optimize the communication with other licensed caregivers and continue to give support to those in recovery on the road to well-being. Our team at Sovereign Health Rancho San Diego outlines the processes of admission, treatment and discharge when a potential patient is referred. Each step is quick and easy to complete.

Step One: Choosing Sovereign Health Rancho San Diego

Once a mental health or addiction professional has identified an adolescent patient who is in need of our services and has discussed it with him or her, that professional can contact our admissions team at Rancho San Diego, California. One of our representatives will explain our options for treatment to the referring caregiver and provide any other necessary information to the referee.

Step Two: Intake

After the teen has decided to enter one of the treatment programs at Sovereign Health, we make sure to handle the procedural burden of initial intake. We also keep track of the admitted patient’s referral in case further information is needed about his or her history. We will accept any information that the referent can share with us while remaining compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) privacy and security policies. Furthermore, we conduct a comprehensive patient assessment, which helps us to identify any underlying conditions and provide the best care to each patient.

Step Three: Post-intake

We then contact the referent to inquire whether he or she requires any additional follow-up on the patient. While we recognize that not every clinician or caregiver will continue to be a part of the teen’s recovery, as the torch is passed, we will always update professionals who choose to stay involved. Our referent management coordinator will contact the referent within 72 hours after intake is completed to confirm the type and frequency of updates he or she will receive from our staff.

Step Four: Discharge Planning

Discharge planning takes place toward the end of a teen’s stay within our treatment program. For referents who have chosen to be a part of their former patient’s recovery at Sovereign, our team will reach out to schedule an appointment. The patient will return to a previous or alternative form of care and continue his or her journey to a stable, healthier life.

Refer Your Patient Today

Effective treatment and recovery starts with a collaborative effort between our team and the professionals who refer patients to us. We have developed an efficient and effective referral process that not only emphasizes cooperation, but communication as well. This process helps to speed up and simplify the admission of adolescents in need while still maintaining the degree of clinical excellence we always aim to offer.

If you wish to make a professional referral, please contact a member of our admissions team by contacting us online or calling our 24/7 helpline.

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