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03-07 Brain scans may help identify future substance abuse among teens

Brain scans may help identify future substance abuse among teens

Novelty-seeking adolescents are often labeled as irrational, lazy and even violent. Now, a new study further justifies it by claiming that novelty-seeking tendencies in teenagers may promote problematic impulsive behaviors including drug use.

According to the study published in Nature Communications on Feb. 21, 2017, brain scans can help identify personality traits in teenagers that could signal danger. To identify how or when novelty-seeking behavior promoted harmful outcomes, researchers used a longitudinal design to recognize which neural and behavior factors predisposed novelty-seeking adolescents to harmful outcomes specifically related to problematic drug use.

The study involved brain scans of 144 14-year-old European adolescents using IMAGEN Consortium, a brain imaging and genetic data collector used to understand and treat mental health issues among teenagers. By combining the IMAGEN research with a psychological and behavioral test, the researchers were able to split the teenagers into two groups: a group of 72 teenagers with high novelty-seeking tendencies and another group of 72 teenagers with low novelty-seeking tendencies. During the brain scanning process, the participants were also ranked on a test that assessed their brain function in reaction to monetary rewards.

The study was a collaboration between Brian Knutson, a professor of psychology at Stanford University and Christian Büchel, a professor of medicine at University Medical Center, Hamburg-Eppendorf.

High novelty-seeking children prone to drug abuse

According to Knutson, the researchers wanted to know whether reward anticipating brain activity at age 14 would predict later substance abuse in high novelty-seeking children. The authors found that at the age of 14, high novelty-seeking children with a less neural response to anticipated reward were more likely to abuse substances at the age of 16.

The researchers also found that out of the 72 novelty-seeking teenagers, 25 percent had used tobacco, alcohol and marijuana by the age of 16 while only 18 percent of teenagers in the low novelty-seeking group at the age of 14 had tried a substance when they reached 16.

In the United States, more and more teenagers are falling prey to abuse substances. While some teens try these substances for a few times and stop, others fail to control their urges. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in 2016, six percent of American high school seniors reported using marijuana, while 13 percent reported using tobacco.

Road to recovery

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