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“When our daughter said she needed help, we were quick to respond. We became paranoid for her safety, thinking she might hurt herself. Having found some rave reviews and listings through Google, we decided to enroll her at Sovereign Health.

The admissions process was smooth, easy and very quick. Their assistance in insurance approval was also commendable. We were a bit nervous of leaving her behind for two tough weeks, but the helpful and competent staff made us feel comfortable. Their handling of the kids is very reassuring for parents. Our daughter was not a dual diagnosis, so the focus was only on drugs and the mayhem that ensued. Our visit to Sovereign Health also brought out many dormant issues, like codependency in our family. I realized I have to work on it. Sovereign Health also made us realize that behavior of our children depends a lot on our ability to raise them. We need to take accountability for them.

On visits, I saw my daughter developing coping skills here in Sovereign Health, which I assume will remain with her once back home. The staff was immensely pleasant and insightful, just like Gladys, with whom we had most of our interactions. Her empathy and sincerity in handling her job speaks volumes about the modus operandi of Sovereign Health. I would definitely recommend it to family members and friends who face a similar situation.” *

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