McLean Hospital’s Evaluation of Teens’ Clinical Outcomes

Sovereign Health’s Rancho San Diego facility has been recognized by Harvard Medical School Affiliate, McLean Hospital, as an outstanding provider of behavioral health treatment and services to teenage patients who have trauma, eating disorders, mental health and substance use disorders, and co-occurring conditions. As a Joint Commission accredited facility in Rancho San Diego, the clinical outcomes of patients were externally evaluated by McLean Hospital to provide unbiased evidence about the quality of treatment and services provided to teens at Rancho San Diego’s facility.

McLean Hospital’s BASIS-Teen Survey was launched on November 16, 2015. Although the survey is still underway, evidence from McLean’s new report indicated that teens who received treatment at Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego experienced marked improvements in their symptoms and functional impairments from admission to discharge. This report included data collected from Rancho San Diego’s teenage patients up to February 8, 2017.

BASIS-Teen Survey

The BASIS-Teen Project collected data from adolescents who received treatment at an inpatient, outpatient, partial and residential program from Rancho San Diego’s adolescent facility and more than 50 health care organizations across the country. Patients, their parents and clinicians responded to surveys that assessed teens’ clinical outcomes over the course of treatment.

McLean Hospital’s survey sought to examine the psychometric properties of the 24-item (BASIS-24), a, as a way to develop an outcome measurement tool for teens. The BASIS-24 has established validity for adult samples and was originally developed to measure the change in adult patients’ psychiatric symptoms and functional deficits on an ongoing basis.

Behavioral health providers, consumers of mental health services, accreditation organizations, researchers and internal quality assurance departments can use the results of the survey to look at patients’ symptoms and functional impairments at admissions, discharge and throughout the course of treatment. Data can be used by behavioral health organizations to improve their clinical effectiveness and ensure that their patients are provided with high-quality treatment.

How were the Clinical Outcomes of Teens Assessed?

In the surveys evaluated for the McLean’s BASIS-Teen survey, teenagers, their parents and clinicians rated the level of difficulty faced by teens at admission and discharge. A modified version of the BASIS-24 survey was developed for use with teen patients to identify a wide range of symptoms and functional deficits across the diagnostic spectrum. Three other validated measures of clinical change were also used for the survey to look at clinical change from the perspective of patients, parents and clinicians:

  • The 35-item Pediatric Symptom Checklist- Youth Report (PSC-Y) rated by teens
  • The 35-item Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC) rated by parents or caregivers
  • The 21-item Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale for Children (BPRS-C) rated by clinicians

Findings of the McLean BASIS-Teen Report

McLean’s 2017 report indicated that teens at Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego had improvements in their clinical outcomes from admission to discharge. Rancho San Diego’s facility provided teenage patients with high quality treatment as indicated by marked overall improvements in their self-, parent- and clinician- ratings over the course of treatment.

. Item levels scores (mean) for Rancho San Diego’s teenage patients on the BASIS-Teen relative to the scores for other health care organizations at admission and discharge.

The results of the BASIS-Teens indicate teens rating themselves as having marked improvements in their symptoms and level of functioning from admission to their discharge. Adolescents also appear to exhibit lower levels of difficulty at discharge relative to teens from other health care organizations.

Figure 2. Self-ratings (mean) on the PSC-Y for Rancho San Diego’s teenage patients on the PSC-Y survey at admission and discharge.

Similarly, the results of the PSC-Y, which consisted of three domain scores [Anxiety/Depression, Attention Problems and Conduct Problems] and an overall score, showed that teens exhibited improvements in their symptoms and functional deficits from admission to discharge. At admission, teen patients had symptom and functional impairments, but they, on average, rated themselves well below the clinical cut-offs for impairment following treatment at Rancho San Diego.

Figure 3. Parent ratings of difficulty (mean) on the PSC for Rancho San Diego’s teenage at admission and discharge.

Parents also perceived teens as having impairments in all domains at admission. Teenage patients were rated by parents as having improvements in their symptoms and functional impairments at discharge, with discharge scores being below the clinical cut-offs for impairments.

Figure 4. Clinician ratings (mean) for Rancho San Diego’s teen patients at admission and discharge.


Adolescent patients were also rated by clinicians as having improvements over the course of treatment at Rancho San Diego’s facility. From admission to discharge, teens were rated by clinicians as having less severe symptoms and functional impairments for the following domains:

  • Depression
  • Thinking disturbance
  • Psychomotor excitation
  • Withdrawal
  • Anxiety
  • Organicity
  • Overall

Rancho San Diego’s adolescent facility is part of Sovereign Health, a national behavioral health system. The results of McLean’s Teen-BASIS survey suggested that Sovereign Health’s Rancho San Diego facility provides teenage patients with a safe therapeutic community where they can receive high quality and treatment of care for mental, emotional and behavioral health conditions.

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