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People often try drugs and alcohol for the very first time during their teen years. Things like a need for a change, a thrill to experiment and a hope for something new often push teens toward addictive substances, including drugs and alcohol. Adolescents and teens can also suffer from various mental health problems that can have devastating emotional and physical effects. Many of them continue to live with the problem, but some try to self-medicate through drugs and alcohol. A misdiagnosis and associated stigma often prevent them from seeking treatment.

A home away from home, the Rancho San Diego facility of Sovereign Health is one of the best residential treatment centers for troubled teens. Our Sovereign Health Adolescent Program offers teen rehab to adolescent boys and girls aged 12 through 17 for addiction, mental health and co-occurring conditions. A teenage residential treatment facility offers treatment for addiction to substances, including alcohol, depressants, opioids, prescription drugs and illicit drugs.

Similar to other illnesses, mental illnesses need appropriate diagnosis and treatment at certified residential treatment facilities for teens. The Rancho San Diego facility also offers a comprehensive treatment for adolescents with mental health problems like depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders and other emotional and behavioral problems. Our teen rehab center also offers treatment for eating disorders, dual diagnosis and mental disorders that co-occur with alcohol and/or drug abuse. Our teenage residential programs provide treatment for anger issues, and gaming, internet and smartphone addiction.

The treatment centers for teens provide evidence-based treatments along with experiential therapies. Each of our treatment facilities in California is designed to help adolescents stay away from triggers. The treatment can last from 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity of the condition, with 24/7 supervision and crisis intervention. For more information about Sovereign Health Adolescent Program and our finest treatment centers in California, contact our treatment advisors.

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Sovereign Health offers comprehensive and high-quality treatment programming for substance abuse and mental health. Call our 24/7 helpline at any time to reach our admissions team.

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"There was more than just therapy. There were life skills that were taught and everyone here cared genuinely." - Jack

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